How Much Does A Home Inspection Cost

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost ?

The home inspection cost is linked to the size of the home. We charge reasonable fees to inspect any type of property. Although we may charge the same as our competition we provide so much more. From Interactive 360 degree “virtual reality” Photos of every room! Detailed sketches of your entire house, and Aerial Photos of our roof and property.

We will be better able to give you the home inspection cost when you call. We will need to know the size of your home. A few minutes on the phone and we can give you a fair and exact price.

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We prepare sellers to sell their property by providing practical advice. Pre-sale inspections are advisable for sellers before they list their home. This identifies the potential problems before they become a negotiating point for buyers.

A Home Inspection on Long Island is Also Recommended for the Home Buyer. After your offer has been accepted you will want to order a pre-purchase home inspection. This should be done before the contract signing.

Our Mission is to provide every client with:

An honest, impartial and objective home inspection for our Long Island Neighbors;

A detailed written inspection report, along with a informative floor plan and a virtual walk through of your home delivered in a timely manner.

As well as practical advice that allows clients to make an informed decision about the inspected property.

To properly service our clients, we are continually educating ourselves to be current with the industry’s best practices.

We carry the appropriate insurance and home inspection license for the overall protection of all parties. Contact us at 631-300-4663 to get more information.