Pre-Purchase Home Inspection-Long Island

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection Long Island

pre-purchase Home InspectionHaving a Pre-Purchase Home Inspection performed on a home before you buy it, has become the rule of thumb here on Long Island. Having a quality home inspection not only will  decrease the possibilities of purchasing a headache, but will give you peace of mind.

A pre-purchase home inspection report utilizing the latest technology being used by Home Performance Technologies will  save you time and money.

HPT Home Inspections provide a new technology they labeledHome Inspection Plus”.

Home inspection plus provides the prospective homeowner with a 360° panoramic photos of every room in the house. With this new amazing technology you can do a “virtual visit” to your home from the convenience of your cell phone, or computer.

A Pre-Purchase Home Inspection Allows your to Bring Your  Family

You can bring your friends and family to see your new home without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. By accessing your exclusive link on your cell phone or computer you can revisit the home.

You can measure windows, see if the furniture will fit, and so much more with just the click of your mouse.
Everyone loves this new technology that is exclusive to HPT Home Inspections.

Your pre-purchase home inspection will also include detailed sketches of every room in the house including measurements of rooms, doors, windows, etc.

HTP home inspectors will also provide aerial photos of your roof and property the aerial photos of your roof will provide you interactive panoramic photos from all angles. You can zoom in and out at every inch and be 100% confident that there are no hidden problems on this very critical component of your home.

Hiring an unbiased, long Island Home Inspector

Ensures that the home inspection does what it’s meant to do, protect you the homeowner.

As a Home buyer you can expect the home inspector to:

• Alert you to any deficiencies or safety issues.

• Rank and prioritizes any deficiencies a home may have.

• Provide tips and recommendations for correcting deficiencies.

• Additional articles relevant to information contained in the report for further education.

When you use the services of HPT home inspectors you will also receive high resolution 360 photos of every room. here is a link to the revolutionary technology we use.

Never has the prospective buyer had such an exciting tool to engage a builder, fit furniture and window coverings, choose paint colors and much more.

Long Island Home Inspections Include:

General safety and security for all rooms in the interior living space and building envelope, framing, structure and siding.
Doors and windows, foundations and crawl spaces, attics and garages/Chimneys/Walkways, patios, decks, and driveways/ drainage.

We will perform a 100% independent pre-purchase home inspection.

We are not connected to any real estate agency, and pride ourselves in undertaking professional inspections and providing comprehensive reports, detailed floor plans and 360 degree photo imaging. All these extras are provided to  our clients to assist them in making an informed decisions about the property they wish to purchase.

We use advanced technical inspection tools, including a thermal imaging cameras, a video bore scope,  moisture detection meters, and the revolutionary 360 Panono camera.

(Borescopes are used for visual inspection work where the area to be inspected is inaccessible by other means.)

HPT inspectors also use high resolution photos of every room, to accurately measure every aspect of the room. This technology provides a more detail floor plan than was ever possible in the past. It provides the exact measurement of the room and everything in it,windows, doors, and even furniture.

This type of home inspection is carried out specifically to provide home buyers information. Its main purpose is to give you an expert’s view of the condition of the property you are interested in buying.

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